Commercial Roofing

Bugle Ridge Roofing & Construction is a good pick for your commercial projects. We are crewed up and mobile ready to do the big jobs such as hotels, office buildings etc. We can do asphalt, TPO and metal roofing as well as cedar shakes if needed. We work fast and efficiently as to disrupt your business as little as possible. We have several hotels under our belt and the owners we all impressed with how quickly we were able to get the job done. Please feel free to call our commercial references!

Please Call our Commercial References:
Karen Azure
Tel. No. 406-855-3620
Owner of; DN Account Services
Billings, MT

Lt. Col. Pat Herriford, United State Army, Retired
Tel. No. 406-850-5819
Owner of; Absaroka Lodge Hotel
Gardiner, MT

Eric Sheckleton
Tel. No. 406-670-6326
Owner of; Super 8 Motel
Gardiner, MT